About Us

Printed circuits production
via Martiti di Belfiore, 10 - 44042 Cento (Fe) Italy
tel: 0039-051-6835237 - fax: 0039-051-6830926
email: info@printitalia.com

Print Italia has been operating in the printed circuit board industry for over 20 years.
The manufacturing expertise of a young and trained staff guarantees high technical capabilities and offers prototyping of single sided, double sided and multi-layer printed circuit boards in short times and at competitive prices.
Thanks to continuous investments aimed at keeping a high level of technology, the company can count on modern equipment to guarantee high quality products, and special drilling and lamination processes for blind and buried vias, micro-holes, fine line, BGA and micro BGA.
The whole production cycle occurs inside the company offering high levels as far as quality, lead time and flexibility are concerned.

Clutches and electromagnetic brakes production
via Argentina, 15 - 44045 Renazzo (Fe) Italy
tel: 0039-051-6830658 - fax: 0039-051-6831968
web: http://www.telecofreni.com
email: riccardo.alberghini@telecofreni.com

Teleco Freni has been designing and manufacturing electromagnetically operated spring pressure safety brakes for DC and AC motors for more than 10 years.
Most common applications include vehicles, machine tools and cutting tools, lifting equipment and conveyor systems.
A qualified technical staff guarantees high levels in design and manufacturing technology and offers custom solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.

Planning and production of electrical testing system
via Argentina, 15 - 44045 Renazzo (Fe) Italy
tel: 0039-051-6834093 0039-051-6831972
fax: 0039-051-6857147
web: http://www.testline.it
email: info@testline.it

Test Line S.r.l. is a leader company in the production of test benches for lab and end-of-line tests. The high quality and high-performance equipment manufactured has been making the success of this company counting a large and growing number of customers.
A qualified staff, continuous investments in new equipment, research and development of new solutions based on the most advanced technology, and production flexibility are key elements enabling the company to design and manufacture new products offering high quality and reliability in short time.
The company specializes in studying highly customized technical solutions, offering prompt replies to all inquiries and trying to meet all needs.